'Sup, we're Weekend Leisure. We do things in the fields of art, comedy, video and karaoke.

Our karaoke videos can be found on Vimeo.
We are in the process of archiving all our videos online; stay tuned.

Artist Bio

After graduating from Emily Carr University of Art & Design's Integrated Media program in 2004, the members of Weekend Leisure initially formed the collective to satisfy their mutual desire to craft karaoke videos. Bringing together their respective backgrounds from exhibiting video and installation work across Canada, involvement in design, music and the art collective Norma, the group's repertoire has expanded to include video art, video shorts, original music, and music videos, while critically analyzing the power each media has over its audience. Weekend Leisure largely draws inspiration from Vancouver's gentrified cityscape contrasted against its natural scenery, the enthusiastic do-it-yourself spirit that public access television builds through its limitations, and the endearing pretensions found in karaoke videos.

As artists trained in Integrated Media, Weekend Leisure is aware that different cultural avenues provide unique opportunities to enrich their work. In addition to exhibiting works in art galleries, Weekend Leisure extends their studio practice and experimentation by screening videos at alternative comedy nights in Vancouver and collaborating with local comedy groups, gleaning inspiration from creative people whose backgrounds are outside the contemporary art world. Similarly, their explorations have organically led to hosting a weekly karaoke night, using its democratic nature—the input from the performers—to inform and complete the work. The group has also been producing a monthly public access television show airing on the Novus Network. Creating their work for different outlets gives depth to WL's study of media structures.


April 2016
24 Hours of Karaoke
Hadden Park Fieldhouse, Vancouver, in collaboration with Publik Secrets

June 2009–September 2014
Weekly Karaoke Night
Various Vancouver locations: Astoria Hotel, Biltmore Cabaret, Funky Winkerbean’s, Darby’s Pub

August 2009–2014
Annual Mount Pleasant Karaoke Block Party

June & August 2013
Karaoke at Chinatown Night Market

April 2012
Karaoke at Klondike Institute of Art and Culture, Dawson City, YT

March 2011
Public Access: 1999 & Beyond
Helen Pitt Gallery Artist Run Centre, Vancouver

September 2010
Time-Based Art Festival
Presentation/karaoke hosting in collaboration with Eric Frederickson
Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Portland, OR

February 2010
Various Vancouver karaoke events during Olympics:
Walk In/Here You Are at the Vancouver Public Library (Curated by Kate Rimmer)
GO!Gallery (Curated by ASIRstudio)
Instant Coffee Light Bar

June 2009–March 2011
WLN – Novus Network, Vancouver
Monthly cable-access TV show

May 2009
Karaoke event for FUSE (with Dave “The Beav” Brooks)
Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC

April 2009
Images Festival, The Communism of Forms
Red Bull 381 Projects, Toronto, ON

January 2009
Celebrities of the Self - Kamloops Art Gallery, Kamloops, BC

Nov 2008
Empty Orchestra - Videos curated for event
Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Toronto, ON

Private Events
Weekend Leisure has hosted private karaoke events for Vancouver International Improv Fest, Vancouver Jazz Festival, PuSh Festival, Arts Umbrella, and others.